GRA logoGreatfield is a GREAT place to live and enjoy. The Greatfield Residents Association aims to promote it and to create a sense of togetherness within it.

The area is centred around Brampton Park and bordered by Central Park, both well-loved green spaces with excellent facilities for children, sports and nature. There is a strong sense of community within our quiet streets, with Edwardian architecture, tree-lined avenues and a diverse blend of locally run cafes & shops.
If that wasn’t enough, we have also have Red Door Studios and the outstanding Brampton Primary School to shout about…

The GRA meet regularly and publish a biannual newsletter, as well as being involved in local events and standing up for improvements to the area where we see they are needed.

All local residents are welcome. Contact us via our Facebook or Twitter, and if you’re interested in joining us please email our chair, Philippa, at p.m.kennedy@qmul.ac.uk.


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  1. amanda says:

    I’m not sure if this is something that your group is interested in, but I thought that it would be useful to spread the word.

    There are discussions between the new landowner of the car park site on High Street North adj to the Denmark pub (former co-op building) and there was an article recently in the Newham Recorder on this. I’ve viewed the landowners consultation website and am worried by the size of the proposal and how awful it would look.

    I understand that case officer at Newham Council is James Bolt James.bolt@newham.gov.uk A planning application doesn’t seem to have been submitted yet, which means that the landowner is still having ‘pre application’ discussions with the Council.
    I emailed James a few weeks ago to send through my initial objection to the proposal and to ask if he knew when a planning application was due to be submitted but haven’t had a reply.

    The details of what the landowner is currently proposing can be found on this website, although it’s not clear whether they have changed anything since then because the exhibition boards are dated July 2015. http://former-co-op-eastham.co.uk/

    My initial thoughts on the scheme are summarised below for info:
    – The proposed building is far too high. The High Street and Barking Road are characterised by 3 storey buildings, with some rising to 4 storeys. The proposed building is as tall as the college building, further way on High Street South, which sticks out like a sore thumb and should not be used as a precedent (being a building that dates back to the 1970s with a different policy context)
    – The building would have a detrimental impact on the adjacent listed buildings at the Denmark Pub, the library/Town Hall complex and the police station as well as the conservation area that these buildings sit within.
    – East Ham does not need any more private rented units. A scheme that includes over 100 private rented units would not contribute to a mixed and balanced community.
    – Any affordable housing units should be provided on site and not on another site miles away.




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