Restaurant Review: Fatboyz diner

The lights of the new diner ‘Fatboyz’ have lit up Barking Road like the promise of an Upton (I mean Uptown) Broadway show, but is this new restaurant a hit or a miss? Naturally, we got front row seats and paid a visit. Here is our review.


Fatboyz are making a serious effort to bring the American diner look to Upton Park. Milkshakes, Monroe, 1950s booths and deep fried food all feature and sing out ‘Greased Lightning’.

Burgers, naturally, are the star of this simple and straightforward menu. It nails all the basics: good burgers (halal), fries, vegetarian options with bonus points for skinny fries, and coke served in a hipster jar. The latter requires a special mention – this means it’s not your ‘average’ chip or burger bar in E6. OK?!

The all-important ‘hipster jar’ – this is not your average E6 burger bar

Fatboyz, 3 Barking Road, London, Upton Park/East Ham E6. The name (presumably) originates from man’s love of calorie intake-enhancing food types. Why not ‘Fatgirlz’ I hear you say? Is E6 ready for that? Come to think of it is anywhere in the world?

Social media
This place has its very own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages so you can keep up-to-date with the latest products from the grill. 10/10 for embracing the tide of social media in E6 guys – we are getting loud and proud. Keep it up (but obviously keep making sure you do good burgers also)!

Fatboyz with its promise of gourmet burgers should compete well in Upton Park which is traditionally known for its South Asian restaurants, and not least because of its location next to the Boleyn pub. Maybe I can even see a romance or love affair blossoming between the two? Ann Boleyn did like a Fatboy after all didn’t she?

Opening times: 12pm – 10pm

By Naomi


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