Restaurant Review: Parkside Cafe

parkside-1This month we are reviewing our favourite E6 greasy spoon/diner: Parkside Cafe.

Parkside is the only cafe in the East Ham South area. How lucky we therefore are that the food is decent, portions are big, prices are cheap and the service is very friendly. We have gone back to this venue time and time again over the past few months and we think it now only polite to do a review.


Parkside Cafe. Those of you who have thought long and hard about the origins of this name will have come to the conclusion that this is because it is on the side of a park.

Conveniently placed on East Ham High Street South this makes it a favourite for Greatfielders not wishing to walk far from their abode.

Address: 127 High Street South, E6 2PA.

Opening times: 6am-4pm weekdays, 7am-4pm weekends.

Cool Fact: In 2012 Ed Sheeran filmed his video for ‘Give Me Love’ at Parkside Cafe (see below). He might not look happy – but it’s because he has love life issues, not that the tea wasn’t brewed.




The owner, Niall, bought this place five years ago and is currently refurbishing with the intention of bringing in new customers and making it more family-friendly. Fancy wallpaper, wooden panels and new seating have all recently emerged with other mod cons promised soon. We can’t wait to see the end result!

Niall is one of the friendliest eatery dudes in East Ham and is one of the main reasons we have gone back so many times. Service is top notch.


This place is a bargain. Food consists of classic cafe dishes – the menu includes jackets, omelettes, fry-ups and sandwiches. Niall wants this place to remain ‘dirt cheap for local people’ – so no chance of price inflation with its newly refurbished look. Phew!


Yep– otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. This place is a friendly, simple and not to mention massively convenient eatery for Greatfielders and those in the surrounding areas. Its recent refurb is a sure sign that this cafe has no intention of fading into old-school East End history. Make sure you grab a cuppa!

Do you have a restaurant recommendation from around East Ham for us to cover? We’d love to hear from you – contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

By Naomi


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