Restaurant Review: Yi-Ban

The first of our new regular review feature showcasing local restaurant talent!

A small party of four Greatfield residents (plus friend) recently went for lunch at Yi-ban Chinese restaurant, which is conveniently located in Beckton’s London Regatta Centre, next to Connaught Bridge.  There is a large car park, and it is just a few steps from Royal Albert DLR station.

The restaurant is a successful combination of traditional and modern; spotless, light and airy, with floor-to-ceiling windows giving wonderful views over the Royal Dock, where you can watch the boats glide by and the planes taking off and landing at London City Airport.

There is an extensive set menu offering lobster and other specialities (as well as a wine list), but we had ‘dim sum’ – literally translated as ‘touch the heart’ –  the bite-sized dumplings, buns and noodle rolls filled with meat, fresh seafood and vegetables that are typical Chinese lunchtime fare, accompanied by a few plates of duck and seafood noodles.  It was all very delicious – some particular dishes that stood out for us were the crystal prawn dumplings, deep fried squid, ginger spiced chicken feet, shredded duck and the pea shoot dumplings. We finished off the meal with a couple of dim sum desserts: delicately tasty coconut mousse, and some wonderful custard tarts (reminiscent of the Portuguese pastel de nata,) freshly warm from the oven.  All washed down with copious cups of Chinese tea.

We would highly recommend Yi-ban as an excellent and easily accessible place to take friends for a different and relaxing London restaurant experience.  The large number of Chinese customers (we were in fact the only non-Chinese people there) testify to the quality and genuineness of the food. The prices are also very reasonable: we paid a mere £14 a head for a really substantial and delicious lunch., 0207 473 6699,

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Piece by Greatfield Residents Association members Philippa, Wendy, John and Claire; sketch by John

Yi-Ban sketch


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