Trees galore in Greatfield

One of our important aims in the Greatfield Residents Association is to continue to try to make the area a more green and pleasant place to live and play in.

Tree article photo
Above and top: the newly planted trees in Brampton Park

In recent years local residents were offered free trees and window boxes through the ‘Trees Please’ initiative, which greatly helped to brighten up people’s front gardens. This year, two of our members have been liaising with Newham Council officers to further beautify the area. In particular there has been extensive tree planting in Brampton Park, which has made a great impact on how the park looks. We would like to offer a huge thanks and thumbs up to the officers who have helped to make Greatfield a nicer place to live in.

We are also delighted to announce that the Woodland Trust will be donating a pack of thirty trees to us in the autumn, and that the Metropolitan Gardens Association will be offering us some free hedgerows, which will be great for fostering local bees and butterflies.

By Greatfield Residents Association member Philippa



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