Meet Kevin Reid

The new head of our local Brampton Primary School introduces himself to Greatfield.

Kevin Reid, new headteacher at Brampton Primary School

How long have you been teaching and where else have you taught?

I have been teaching since 1997. I have taught in 4 other schools, all in Kent. Prior to that I worked as a panel beater, sprayer, milkman and bricklayer.

What are the best things about Brampton?
The best thing about the school is the pupils. They are lively, friendly and sparky which I love. The whole community is very supportive and the staff is an amazing and talented team.

What are your main aims as head?
My main priorities are to build on Ann Sheppard[previous Brampton Primary head]’s legacy. I want to ensure the standard of teaching is consistently good to outstanding so the children get the best education they possibly can as well as continually raising standards across the curriculum.

When you’re not at work, how do you relax?
I did play darts for the London county team earlier this year but mainly I enjoy cycling.

By Greatfield Residents Association member Susan


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